Software de Inversión IQ Option 4.0

Easy-to-use software, for a fully optimized investment experience

Have you ever had trouble fitting nine complete investment charts, all on one screen? We have solved this problem by implementing Emscripten technology in our latest investment terminal, effectively transferring complex codes into desktop applications and websites.

The spectacular improvement in the user interface makes IQ Option software comparable to other professional desktop investment systems. Now it is possible to choose from dozens of areas and settings on the charts. Our latest update also allows you to resize each browser window completely independently.

View two years in the quotation history

How could you analyze investment quotes if you cannot consult historical data over the last day, week, or month? An accurate analysis of quotes is almost impossible without having the necessary data and software, which is why the latest version of IQ Option provides you with more information than ever on stocks. View the historical quotes of the last two years with the app we have just designed. For the first time, one of the best investment software will allow you to analyze quotes and buy stocks, all in the same window, thanks to the new IQ Option investment software.

Candles, allowing data display of stocks for up to a full month

Candle analysis is now easier and more complete than ever. The period used for creating candles now ranges between five seconds and a month — allowing you to choose the scale that works best for your investments.

Simplified technical analysis of assets with new indicators

The IQ Option investment terminal is now even more professional and easier to analyze. The latest software includes a range of new and more sophisticated indicators, including the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), the Parabolic SAR indicator, the Stochastic Oscillator, and the Awesome Oscillator. Now, more than ever, you have greater possibilities for technical analysis with IQ Option 4.0.

Fibonacci Lines

Support and resistance lines are two of the most used analytical tools by investors working with stocks. With the use of Fibonacci Lines, IQ Option 4.0 takes investment analysis to the next level. This feature not only precisely defines the strength of a trend but also clearly and concisely shows the correction levels of the stocks.

Bar Charts

The redesigned bar chart (histogram) now significantly improves the analysis of long-term trends. IQ Option 4.0’s bar charts take up less space than line and area charts, providing the same information as candle charts. Each bar shows the opening and closing price of the underlying asset, as well as the highs and lows, all within the defined time period.

Fast investment software for Mac and Windows

The new IQ Option 4.0 software can be downloaded and installed on your desktop computer. The PC client software has been optimized for both Mac and Windows-based systems to provide uninterrupted operation. IQ Option also uses a cross-platform architecture with OpenGI technology — ensuring that the platform’s performance is not affected by the performance of your computer.