IQ Option broker

«The IQ Option broker was created in 2013. It quickly became one of the most famous brokers in Europe. It is perfect for beginners because it seems like a game. This is the main reason why IQ Option gained its popularity so quickly.
Let’s try to find out how this platform really is.

IQ Option Trading Options

It is possible to open a test account in a few clicks, completely free and without hidden commissions. However, you will soon want to switch to the real account. But be careful, the conditions when operating on the test account and the real one can change drastically. The strategy you practice with digital money will not always work with real money.
According to comments on forums, the broker can arbitrarily change the percentage of payments made to clients in some cases (very positively)
The minimum cost of a real operation is $1. There are two types of operations. The first allows you to change the expiration time in 5-minute increments, the second in 15-minute increments. Currency pairs and some other assets are available to trade.
It is also possible to trade OTC (Over the Counter) even on weekends. The price usually moves in the horizontal channel. On weekends, it operates with a smart quote generator, which can either modify the data or simply create new ones.


Licenses and Regulations

IQ Option is a subsidiary of IQ Option Europe Ltd. All rights to the domain and trading platform belong to Alta Vista Trading Limited.
The company has licenses from CySEC № 247/14 issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The license date is July 30, 2014. The main function of CySEC is to protect users from dishonest brokers.

Trading Platform

The trading platform is available for clients on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, as well as a web client for browsers. All clients have a unified and synchronized interface among them. Having the possibility of operating from the computer or browser, you can use it at home and then continue on any mobile device without problems


•        Easy to use and intuitive platform;
•        Unified interface;
•        Fast registration;
•        Free demo account.



•        Limited selection of expiration times (few options for long-term traders)
•        Cannot operate at all hours with some instruments;
•        No fixed interest on payments (the algorithm is not transparent);
•        Limited selection of contract types.



Despite some drawbacks, IQ Option is one of the most efficient trading platforms. Its success is due to the fact that the trading platform has been created to meet the desires of traders. IQ Option is ideal for those who have no experience in investment or financial markets and want to start as traders





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