IQ Option Scam?

There are many newbie questions about whether IQ Option is a Scamer or IQ Option is Scam. Is the platform I am about to start trading as a scam?


In fact, there are many, many digital trading platforms that were born just to take your money. Such platforms can last for months or years and will all disappear when the volume of deposits reaches the scammer's target. Truly legitimate people will provide excellent services and, provide their information freely to third party websites.

Doing your investigation on these third party sites will help you find answers to questions like; How does IQ Option get their prices from? Is IQ Option about to shut down? and many more.

Luckily for you, I’ve done the investigation on your behalf. Read on to know whether IQ Option is a scam platform or not. In other words. Can you trust iq option?

How do you do a background check on an options trading platform like IQ Option?

The first thing to look at when considering an options trading platform is their site. It should be on a domain name that’s exactly the same as the company name. For example, IQ Option should be hosted on the domain.

Next, you should read through their important pages such as the about us, company history, regulatory bodies. Other pages to read though regard financial transactions as well as privacy policy and terms/conditions. These should give you an overview about what the platform owners claim about it.

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Using third party websites to do a background check on IQ Option

You cannot fully rely on what the IQ Option owners say about their site. You’ll need to do further digging to know if these claims are true or not. That’s where third party websites come in. But what exactly will you be searching for?

Here are some checkpoints.

  • How many visitors does the platform receive per day? That is, how many unique visitors (with unique IP addresses) visit the site each day? If the site attracts high traffic, you can assume that it’s quite popular.
  • How is the site ranked by third party sites such as Sites that rank high in third party websites not only attract huge traffic, but are considered trustworthy.
  • Where is the site hosted? The best options trading platforms are hosted in North America and Europe. It’s an indicator of investment in the latest technology to enure that the platforms are running smoothly.
  • Look at where the platform’s traffic comes from. Are many people accessing the site directly or from third party sites? Those that access IQ Option directly are very likely to be account holders. This can be an indicator of just how many traders the platform has. Indirect traffic comes from other sites. They can be traders or not. For example, you might read one of my guides, find a strategy you like and go to your IQ Option account to trade with it.
  • Finally, you should look at the distribution of the traffic. That is, from which countries are IQ Option visitors coming from? If the traffic is distributed over hundreds of countries, it’s an indicator of the platform’s popularity.
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To find all this information, I recommend using This is a free site analysis website that draws information from top sites such as Google and All you need to do is type in the domain name of the site you’re doing a background check on and you’ll get all the details.

The great thing about this site is that you can use it in countries where Google has been banned.

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My analysis of IQ Option using hypestat

IQ Option Has about 1,732,794 unique visitors per day. It also has 2,044,697 page views meaning each visitor check out at least 1 page on the site. It’s worth noting that these statistics aren’t static. They will change each day.

Hypestat then shows that IQ Option is ranked 750 in the world by This accounts for about 0.123% of global internet users.

Now, in order to know how IQ Option ranks against other financial trading and investments platforms, I used a different site which you can find here:

According to, IQ Option ranks number 18. The interesting thing about this is that it has been ranked alongside sites which aren’t really trading platforms.

IQ Option servers are hosted in Cyprus. In addition, it supports HTTPS (secure server) which is a technology that encrypts data sent to their servers.

14.21% of all unique site visits are direct. That means for every 100 unique visitors, 14 will type the IQ Option domain name directly. 83.07% reach the platform through referral sites such as iqbroker. Less than 2.5% find the site directly through search engines.

From the world map below, you can see that majority of IQ Option trades come from South and Latin America, Asia and Africa. The table below it also provides additional information like how IQ Option is ranked in specific countries and actual percentage breakdown of how many are actual users of the site.